Techniques Class

Includes a project pattern!

This video class is a step by step lesson on sewing machine applique'. It covers how to select a design, select and prepare your fabrics, choose threads and stitch your project. Our North of Plymouth quilt pattern is included in the class fee. A link to download a copy of the pattern is included.
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Learning Topics

Step by lessons. Click on the + to expand and view lesson titles.

  • 1

    Navigating Studio Y - If you've taken a course before you know how this works - skip this lesson

    • Welcome to Studio Y - Home of the WyseGuys
    • Building a knowledge base for you! Get help and supplies when you need it.
    • Walk thru of the Studio Y Course Tool - How to Navigate this course
  • 2

    Welcome to Fusible Machine Applique' - a Skill Building Technique Course

    • Sewing Basket Joke
    • Did you?
    • Intro to Machine Applique' - Course Description
    • BONUS PATTERN - North of Plymouth quilt pattern for you
    • Here's what you're going to learn
    • Gather your supplies
    • Questions and Discussions - Join the Conversations or see what others have discovered
  • 3

    Choose Your Project and Pattern

    • What to consider when choosing a project and pattern
    • Here you go! 3 patterns to practice points, curves and layers
  • 4

    Choose and Prepare the Fabrics for your project

    • Background design - size and shape
    • Overview of selecting background and applique' fabrics
    • Time to start cutting blocks
    • Using a square up ruler to cut your background blocks
    • Stabilize for best stitching results
    • Stabilizer choices
  • 5

    Ready, set let's start to fuse!

    • Layout decisions - How do I want to layout my applique' designs on my background blocks
    • Quick overview of fusible machine applique' using Heat N Bond Lite
    • Selecting your applique' fabrics for each part of your design - this is the fun part!
    • Now you're ready to trace your pattern onto Heat N Bond Lite (Videos show North of Plymouth quilt pattern)
    • Don't throw your scraps away!
    • Fusing Heat N Bond pieces to back of fabric
    • Placement of applique on background
    • Using a Teflon pressing sheet to "assemble" & place applique' designs
  • 6

    Selecting Thread and Stitch Considerations

    • Thread Tips - we're almost ready to stitch!
    • Remember this!
    • Machine Applique' Tip Sheet on thread and stitching
  • 7

    Stitching Applique' by Machine

    • Proper stitching order on your blocks
    • Grab your scraps and practice your stitching
    • What is the lightning applique stitch?
    • Watch us stitch using Lightning Applique'
    • Stitching raw edge applique' using "Lightning" stitches and adding details
    • Traditional stitches - blanket & satin
    • A simple straight stitch is useful too
  • 8

    Finishing Touches

    • Final step - removing tear away stabilizer
    • When your blocks are done you'll need to press them
    • Final step - trim your blocks!
  • 9

    Thanks for taking our Lightning - Introduction to Applique' class

    • Hope you enjoyed this class!
    • Thanks! We hope you'll choose to learn with us again.