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  • 1

    WYse GuYs Virtual Support!

    • Welcome to Studio Y - Home of the WyseGuys
    • Why Studio Y - Be Inspired!
    • Building a knowledge base and how to get the stuff you need!
    • Walkthru of the Studio Y Course Tool - How to Navigate
  • 2

    Join us for tips on LIVE with the WYse GuYs Wednesdays and LIVE Facebook Sales Monthly

    • LIVE with the WYse GuYs - Join us for LIVE Tips and Live Sales.
  • 3


    • Roll and Press (Clover Tool School)
    • Short Cut Binding Tool
    • Schmetz Needle Chart - Which Needle do you need to use?
    • Choosing the Right Size Rotary Cutter for the Job
  • 4

    Creative Grids Rulers - Video Tutorials

    • Basic Range Rulers Overview
    • Round Up Ruler
    • Lazy Angle Ruler
    • House Ruler
    • Cats Cradle XL
    • 20.5 Square Up Ruler
  • 5

    Machine Embroidery

    • Thread/Stabilizer Resources and Apps (Floriani)
    • Removing Tear Away Stabilizer
    • Using Hoop Tape for Placement
    • Trimmer By George Ruler (HoopSisters Video)
    • How to download OESD designs
  • 6


    • Edge Color Applique'

Who are the WYse GuYs?

WYse GuYs

WYse GuYs

Owners and Mentors

We are quilt shop owners - we sew and embroider everyday. This is what we do.
Let’s have some fun together!
We aren’t professional photographers or videographers, copy writers, editors or proof readers, web designers, social media specialists or many other things. So please enjoy the videos and laugh along with us! We’re doing our best. Just like you and your sewing skills - always do the best you can with the skills you have at the time :)
What does that mean to you?
It may not look “fancy” but, you’ll learn stuff . . .when we make a mistake, we’ll show what we did wrong and how to fix it. You’ll see the tools and processes we use everyday.
You’ll learn the “why & how” of projects - not just be told what to do. Learning should be fun. We’ll do our best so you can do yours.
Why the name WYseGuYs?
We are wise to needs of quilters – techniques, products, machines and yes, even quilt math!

Sheryl started our shop 23 years ago and Elayne joined her over 15 years ago. We have been teaching and answering your questions for a long time. (We have over 60 years of combined quilting, sewing & embroidery experience.)
Oh, and sometimes we are accused of being wise guys. A little humor can go a long way. Finally, we each have a “Y” in our names and many of our staff do too.
This is your hobby, it is supposed to be fun!
Join us for online learning courses and tips and you can become a WYseGuY too!