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Resource and Free Design links in one place for easy access.

The WyseGuys have gathered some of the best links to stabilizer resources and free designs and put them in one place for one click access. We will be adding as we discover new support resources from our suppliers so you can find and navigate easily to what you need.

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Overview of the links we have gathered for you.

  • 1

    Join us for tips on LIVE with the WYse GuYs Wednesdays and LIVE Facebook Sales Monthly

    • LIVE with the WYse GuYs - Join us for LIVE Tips and Live Sales.
  • 2

    Stabilizer - Easy access to videos, Tips & FREE DESIGNS

    • Floriani Thread & Stabilizer Resources and Apps
    • OESD Types of Stabilizers
  • 3

    Free Designs

    • Floriani free embroidery designs
    • Brother Free Monthly Embroidery Designs
    • OESD free embroidery designs
    • How to download OESD designs